Welcome to ReulerWriting!

I see you found the link on my channel. Lots of great stuff for you here. Click on one of the the menu links to get started. This site has; Youtube Extras – bloopers and behind the scenes on ReulerWriting videos Channel Store – The place you can get mercy (If I ever get merch.)…

New Hairstyle!

I decided I want to keep my hair short in real life, so my avatar should have short hair too. She looks so cute, right?

I made an AMV!

I’ve always been curious about AMVs, and now I finally got the chance to make one! It was for a class project. It also got me out of a very bad case of artist’s block. Rene’s back and ready to try this Youtube thing again! The song is “Straight to the End” by Fabvl. The…

The Seabound Style Makes a Return!

I just wasn’t satisfied with the art style I tried to use for the channel. So, I went back to my roots. That’s when I discovered that my childhood comic style, which I refer to as the Seabound Style, can work in digital! I can do so much with this.

Scroll Down for Social Medias

Social media links are at the bottom of this page. Just in case you didn’t see my many many attempts at shameless promotion, here it is again! Love you guys!

Some Random Art;

Here’s the general impression of my art style. You will see a lot of this on my channel 🙂

Youtube Channel in the Works!

Hopefully by the time you read this my channel will already be up. Set to release September of 2020! Then this site will get more views…