Commission Done!

This is Lillian, Mary, Albert, and Jamie. The characters I’m going to focus on in my work in progress, the Life Amongst the Giants series.

Making promotional art is very time consuming. Luckily, I have help now. This commission was done by a good friend of mine . First I did the original sketch. Next, we met in person to iron out specific details about the characters. Finally, Lauren turned it into this digital masterpiece. My art still has a while before it gets on this level!

Capaeman and Human Size Chart

I did it! I finally sat down and did a true size comparison of one of my main giant characters, and the four main humans. It took lots of measuring and math to get it right, but it’s very accurate as a result!

What’s New…

I had writer’s block for a long time. Not knowing where I wanted to go with my book idea, just that I didn’t want to give up. Then I went to college. Here, I found friends who support my writing, and will be there for me no matter what. Now I’m back, and better than ever. I’m pumping out chapters and content faster than even I can keep up with. Can’t wait for this summer, where I’m going to start making comics again. Things are looking up!

What’s Kind of New…

I am now the editorial cartoonist for Lubbock Avalanche! Here’s the newest panels:

Note: This website is in the process of reform. Soon, it’ll be a reflection of my youtube channel, where you can read new comics a week before they come out as a video!