About Me

Aww you want to know more about me? I’m so flattered!

When I was seven, I wrote a picture story about a haunted house. (Yes it is the image on the title page.) When I finished the book, I thought it was so amazing. After reading it again, I imagined me far in the future, accepting an award for my writing. ‘I’m gonna be famous!’ I thought. Turns out, it was terrible, but it gave me a base. Most of all, it gave me a dream.

Somehow, after all these years, I’ve still held on to that dream. Now I’m working to make it a reality. My name is Rene Reul, and writing is my life.

Since you’re reading this, you must care. Wow, you’re awesome. The best thing you can do to support me is follow my social medias (especially Youtube). Like my posts, participate, all that jazz. Then, when my novel is out, BUY IT! I am 100% certain you will not regret it. Thank you for all your support!!

My Portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/renereulportfolio/home

Some of my old art; (So you can see how I got to where I am today)

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