Life Amongst the Giants

Lillian Zurec

Lillian Zurec is an ambitious young woman who dreams of fighting alongside her father as a hunter for her tribe. Right when she’s old enough to join, however, capaemen are found to be hunting humans again. The danger has now increased for everyone. Nonetheless, Lillian still wants to fight, in spite of the danger. No, maybe even because of the danger. She’s tired of hiding.

Favorite activity: Spear fighting

Mary Zurec

Mary Zurec is a cautious young woman who’s next in line to be caretaker of Tribe Zurec. She fears for her friend Lillian, who’s a little too excited about risking her life in the Giant Wilds. She has trouble sleeping because of her worry for her friend and her tribe. The capaemen could come and kill them any day…

Favorite activity: Crafting

Seth Zurec

Seth Zurec is the leader of Tribe Zurec and Lillian’s father. Since he took on the job no one wanted, he’s visibly stressed all the time, and often ignores his daughter. Now that capaemen are attacking again, he has even more to worry about, and all he wants is to keep his daughter and his tribe safe. However, that is going to get harder and harder as the series progresses.

Favorite activity: Cooking over an open fire with the tribe

(Photo of Seth)

May Zurec

May Zurec, or Mrs. May, as everyone calls her, is the caretaker of the tribe’s children, and Mary’s mother. She toils every day to make sure the children of Zurec are well-trained and educated before they become adults. Has a ‘tough love’ relationship with Lillian, the child she believes needs the most refining.

Favorite activity: Sleeping

(Photo of Mrs May)

Jamie the Outcast

A remarkably skilled woman who came from far away. She introduces herself by flying in on her tamed animal, an acera, and saving some hunters of Zurec. She takes on Lillian and Mary as pupils of sorts, and eventually grows attached to them. But in doing so her dark past may come to surface, something not even her brother knows. Something no one must ever know. She would do anything to protect that secret.

Favorite activity: Flying

(Picture of Jamie)

Albert the Outcast

A mysterious boy who flew in with his sister Jamie and saved the hunters from certain death. He’s very awkward and geeky, yet he bares a grisly scar on his left eye. Lillian and Mary always wonder where he got if from, but he doesn’t seem to want to talk about his past.

Favorite activity: Making bad puns and watching people shake their heads in disappointment

(Photo of Albert)