(Email me at if you’re interested!)

Interested in having something drawn for you? A favorite character? Fan art? A scene you’ve been dying to visualize? Well, I can draw anything. Here are the services I offer for commissions;


This is the hardest to do, so the prices are highest with this style.

  • $20 per character (a person, animal, or other creature)
  • $15 for detailed colored background ($10 for simple)
  • $10 for extra detailed objects (ex; An enchantress that holds a crystal ball; enchantress costs $20 and crystal ball costs $10)


You will receive a physical copy or I can scan it and send it to you.

  • $15 per character
  • $10 for colored background
  • extra $10 for detailed buildings/objects

Sketch (Outlined in Black Ink)

  • $10 per character
  • $5 for background (no color)
  • extra $5 for detailed objects


Drawing is hard and time consuming, and I’m doing it on top of having a life! So here’s the time expectations for each type of commission.

Give me:

  • 1-2 Weeks for a sketch
  • 2-3 Weeks for painting
  • 2-4 Weeks for digital

How We’ll Do It

Email me at with a description of your character. The more detailed the better. I may reply with questions about composition to make sure I get things right.

  • If it’s a sketch, you’ll likely get it a week before you’ve paid, but it is possible time constraints may take me longer, so just be prepared for that.

For paintings and digital;

After you pay, you will receive a sketch of the product within two weeks (not outlined in black like the sketch option). From here, you can make final adjustments. Let me know what you want to change in this stage because you won’t be able to change the final product!


This art is not for resale but since you are buying it from me it’s your’s. You can post it wherever you want, and this isn’t required, but please mention I drew it. It helps a lot.