Life Amongst the Giants

These are creatures that will make an appearance in Book One of the series: Life Amongst the Giants

(Most of the art on this page is not by me. It’s by an awesome friend of mine! Please follow her! )


The Acera is a huge winged creature native to the jungles of Osinawa on Planet Copius. It primarily eats bugs but will eat animals if it has to. It can be tamed and fits two humans on its back. Appears in book one as Jamie and Albert’s trusted companion.

Real life origins: Salamander and bat influence. Also reflects my love of frogs.


The Ateron is another winged creature smaller than the Acera. Scavengers in the wild. In book one, Tribe Nurem has a platoon of tamed Aterons. They can fit up to one human on their back.

Real life origins: Anurgognathus + Pterasaur + Dragon


Capaemen are an intelligent species of giants at the top of the food chain. For years they’ve left Tribe Zurec alone as long as they stay in the forest, but at the beginning of book one, they kill Zurec’s neighboring tribe, Lyonis. With Zurec living so close to them, it’s safe to assume they’re next.

Not much is known about capaemen because they’ve left humans alone for so long, but Zurec does remember a few things. They’re giant, intelligent, and their biggest threat.

Acera/Ateron Size Compared to Capaemen and Humans

This is the Acera, Ateron, and two different types of humans compared to a 60ft capaeman (one of the tallest races of capaemen).

The human on the right is a northern type. Very hardened and strong, and much taller than the average height (up to 10ft tall).

The human on the left is Lillian, standing at six foot three. Pretty average for humans on Planet Copius.

With the winged creatures, the left one is the Acera and the right one is the Ateron.

(Exact scale not set in stone, but this is the gist)

Thornopine Burrower

The Thornopine Burrower is a reclusive creature native to the forests of the Lyonis (particularly, book one’s Giant Wilds, as humans call it). It’s an omnivore that doesn’t attack humans unless provoked. If it is provoked, it’ll get so enraged, it’ll attack the humans until it tires out, or they all die. Its spines are poisonous.

General size reference: As tall as a human when on all-fours. (Cannot get on hind legs)

Real life origins: A biology project to make a fake creature created the Thornopine. I later added it to LATG as my first creature. (Mix between a rose bush and a hedgehog)


The Leomus is a creature native to the forests of Lyonis, particularly the Giant Wilds, as humans call it. They travel in packs and have adapted to hunt humans. Skirmishes between Leomus packs and human tribes break out regularly, and the result is never pretty.

General size reference: The size of a tiger.

Real life origins: They’re like mice to capaemen, but lions to humans, so I combined a mouse and a lion to make the Leomus.


Narecons are one of my favorites, and quite deadly. Swooping down to the ground to pick up humans and leomus, it’s quite the creature to be reckoned with. Native to forests in the Southern Hemisphere of the continent.

General size reference: Humans are the ‘mice’ and the Narecon is the ‘hawk.’ A bit bigger than an Ateron or Acera.

Real life origins: What can I say? I wanted a flying reptile with a beak that reminds me of a hawk, and this is what my artist and I came up with.


Essentially a giant snake that comes out at night to prey on smaller animals. (This is why humans hide underground at night). Native to forests in the Southern Hemisphere of the continent. It has centipede like legs and very long fangs. Not poisonous.

General size reference: Big enough to gulp down a leomus or human as its weekly meal. Scared yet?

Real life origins: A terrifying giant planet is not complete without a giant snake. Wait till I get to the bugs…