Life Amongst the Giants

      In a world with everything from vicious monsters to intelligent giants, a small tribe in a forest struggles to survive. Among them is Lillian Zurec, an ambitious and reckless young girl who craves adventure in spite of the high death rate. However, her dreams are postponed, possibly indefinitely, when the giants attack and massacre a neighboring tribe. Lillian’s entire tribe is taken aback by this. The capaemen haven’t bothered them for generations. Now all of a sudden, they choose to attack, and an entire group of people were massacred in one night. As they fear they will be next, Tribe Zurec’s survival situation quickly shifts from deadly to hopeless.

         In her desperate need to save her tribe, Lillian will befriend some mysterious warriors from afar. Together, they work to protect her tribe from the capaemen, but this task gets harder and harder. After losing someone dear to her, Lillian starts to believe what everyone is saying. It’s hopeless. They can’t win against a threat this big. All humans can do is run, until the giants inevitably catch up.

         But little do they know, the capaemen are not what they seem. They have a weakness. A big one, and it’s in a place no humans would ever expect. Will Lillian be able to find this weakness before time is up for her tribe? One thing is for sure. Planet Copius is much deadlier and more complicated than this small forest girl ever could have imagined.