Life Amongst the Giants

Life Amongst the Giants

Synopsis Draft

         The world of Planet Copius is incredibly brutal, but also beautiful.

         In a world dominated by giants, Tribe Zurec hides in a gigantic forest. Thanks to a famine that happened fifteen years ago, the tribe is on the verge of collapse. However, they still fight. They fight the huge monsters of the Giant Wilds, ever struggling to survive.

         However, when their neighboring tribe is killed, Tribe Zurec’s struggle for survival turns from hard to impossible. The top predators of the world, the capaemen, are hunting them down like animals, and there’s nowhere to run.

         Among the tribe is two young girls. The last of their generation, and eager to do something to help, they both desperately try to save their tribe.

         Lillian Zurec is a stubborn young girl who’s a fantastic fighter. When she finds out her tribe is in trouble, nothing will stop her from saving them.

         Mary Zurec is a kind and caring girl who loves to craft. When she finds out her tribe is in trouble, she does everything she can to help her people.

         As Lillian and Mary go on their separate quests, they find things they never could have dreamed of in their sheltered lives. The world is not what they think it is, and the capaemen aren’t either.

As of right now, the manuscript is currently finished. It is going through the publishing and editing process. I will give more info when the publication date gets closer.

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Character art by an artist friend of mine;